Charity's Journey (We Pulled This Out of A Bucket)

by Auto Da-Fe/No Worries

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Recorded between June 2012-May 2013 in Bowie, MD, Columbia, MD, Chantilly, VA


released June 1, 2013

Auto Da-Fe:
Tsh - Vocals, Guitar
Fred - Guitar
Andy- Bass
Orrin - Drums

No Worries:
Kyle - Vocals, Guitar
Elijah - Bass
Jasiu - Drums



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Track Name: Auto Da-Fe - Tel Aviv
Cranial hemmhorage, in the face of God.

Burn the sun into ashes, to devise a common truth
Military negligence, of which they have nothing to do
Ignorance to enlightenment
Leads to hostility
Leads to brutality
You'll take the grand prize away, if you can look it in the face

Leading armies to dis.con.nect.ion
Circa 3000BC
Craving money as
Watch in terror as we wash it away
Track Name: Auto Da-Fe - Lunar Power and the Devil
Today I found the scars
That keep me up while I am dreaming
Today I found out where the harlots and the whores are
Scissor-cut incision of lucid catatonic leisure
Regulation of where the symbol sits on flowered walls

Today, I found these things
I found these things
Today, Today! TODAY!

This last
Thing I've
Kept safe
Save me from my existence

Tonight we pay homage to the bright God
In the sky
Growing and getting old where
Sinners cannot recognize

A fingerprint imprinted
Mirrored out
We are

This last
Thing I've
Kept safe
Save me from my existence

Escape the labyrinth
You're swimming in a
Track Name: Auto Da-Fe - Judge, Jury and Executioner
They say that dying has a flavor
That the living never love
And its two shades below
The high we're taught to be above
Don't try to find the jury
They've got the knife in your back
And its got more teeth
Than a heartless heart attack

If you have nothing to fall for
Then why continue to stand?
I don't need a judge or a jury
Axes frozen in their hands

Like a lobotomized ex-human
With an aching internal rash
Don't let your mouth write checks
That your vagina won't cash
Don't try and find the jury
They've got the knife in your brain
And the chain is only as strong
As the guy being hanged
Track Name: Auto Da-Fe - The Fall On Blind Ears
I must've fed myself a dozen charges
I must've laughed at every jolt
I crawl along your bedroom ceiling at night
And I eat away at what you'd consider hope

She laughs in pain
She cries in pleasure

I slit my eyes to block the isn of the world
And now I hear no evil
What is this life to live as a puppet
With all it's strings in the wrong places?

She laughs in pain
She cries in pleasure
Track Name: Auto Da-Fe - Bathroom Sink Disorder
Sink disorder.