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the sailors they sing
"the great old gods will rise in the east"
from the deepest corner of the triangle
the nameless city
illuminate, reanimate
hark the heralds, hear them cry
they tear their clothes, their faces wry
i am the fire and you are the gasoline
a spark is all i need to ignite this catastrophe
i'm the first, i'm the last
of what's to come that burned the past
vibrations are stronger here
you won't need a stethoscope to see me
you've known me before from your speechless awakenings
sweat from head to toe as if you swam up to the surface of your dream
my name is jonathan
the year is 1926
i haven't got much time, for I know too much
the teeth are closing in
the breath of decomposition is suffocating me
my vision growing dim as the leviathan dives
the statue staring back at me
i can't comprehend its own shape, my own form
what is real, what is meant to be
i am but an atom in the adam and the eve of our destruction
you can't outrun
the horse is on fire
i swear there was a meaning, it was here and now its gone
oh my god, what is my face doing over there on the wall
my eyes they don't belong in my head, its such a pretty little thing
fingers shaking, can't get a grip
but i know it must be done

the floor is shaking
they're coming up the staircase
but they won't see me now, they won't see me again


from OHMs​/​FAILURES, released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


VO/ID Washington, D.C.

there's always two.

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